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10 Ways to Remain Mindful and Calm When Others Are Out of Control

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You can’t calm the storm. What you can do is calm yourself, and the storm will gradually pass.Over the past decade, there’s a way of being I’ve gradually been cultivating in myself — I’ve been taming my tendency to get riled up and argue with people when their behavior doesn’t match my expectations.As human beings we all have an idea in our heads about how things are supposed to be, and sadly this is what often messes us up the most.

We get frustrated when things don’t play out the way we expect them to, and when people don’t behave like they’re “supposed” to.

We expect our family to act a certain way, our friends to always be kind, and strangers to be less difficult.And when reality hits us, and everyone seems to be doing the opposite of what we expect them to do, we get triggered — anger, frustration, stress, arguments, tears, etc.If you can relate in any way at all right now, it’s time to remind yourself of the truth: You can’t control how other people behave.

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