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This Year, Let Go Of The People Who Aren’t Ready To Love You

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It means you need to stop loving people who aren’t ready to love you. If you’re left out, subtly insulted, mindlessly forgotten about or easily disregarded by the people you spend the most time with, you’re doing yourself an incredible disservice by continuing to offer your energy and life to them.The truth is that you are not for everyone, and everyone is not for you.

That’s what makes it so special when you do find the few people with whom you have a genuine friendship, love or relationship: you’ll know how precious it is because you’ve experienced what it isn’t.But the longer you spend trying to force someone to love you when they aren’t capable, the longer you’re robbing yourself of that very connection.

It is waiting for you. There are billions of people on this planet, and so many of them are going to meet you at your level, vibe where you are, connect with where you’re going.… But the longer you stay small, tucked into the familiarity of the people who use you as a cushion, a back burner option, a therapist and a ploy for their emotional labor, the longer you keep yourself out of the community you crave.Maybe if you stop showing up, you’ll be less liked.Maybe you’ll be forgotten about altogether.Maybe if you stop trying, the relationship will cease.Maybe if you stop texting, your phone will stay dark for days and weeks.Maybe if you stop loving someone, the love between you will dissolve.That doesn’t mean you ruined a relationship.

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