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“The Needless, Pointless Battle Between Routine and Spontaneity”

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I remember the time I set out to create the perfect routine that I vowed to follow for the rest of my life – an unusual endeavor for me, given that I had rejected countless routines like they were my mortal enemy.

I believed in spontaneity and had feared that routines would doom me to a monotonous life.But the truth is, even as a free spirit, I knew that I desperately needed some semblance of order to function.

It was a hard pill to swallow; routines promise productivity and stability, and I knew that not following any routines triggered my anxiety and other quirks.So, armed with advice from books and blogs, I was sure I’d come up with the secret formula to get into a routine: It was all or nothing.The so-called perfect morning routine described in many self-help books usually involves waking up at the crack of dawn, meditating like a Zen master, jogging like Usain Bolt, and whipping up a wholesome breakfast.Easy peasy to implement, right?

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