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Which New Jersey Online Slots have the Best Payouts?

With practically a decade in action, collectively across all New Jersey online casinos, there are far more slots to choose from compared to other states where iGaming is also legal such as Michigan or Pennsylvania. The NJ online casino market maturity makes it the perfect state to sample which slot titles have the best payout ratios in the US. Moreover, if you live in New Jersey, meaning you are lucky enough to gamble online, this guide will give you a list of online slots with the best payouts in the region.

Below, we begin by explaining what we mean by ‘best payouts’, then we take an insightful look at a list of the top NJ online slots at to bring you a list of the top 10 video slots that give you the best return on your investment using their RTPs as a benchmark.

Using RTP to decide the most attractive NJ video slot payouts

For the benefit of those of you that are still learning about how slots work, let’s very quickly cover the concept of RTP. Obviously, if you already know this concept, you can skip ahead.

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’. It is an indication of the percentage of bets placed on the slot that will be returned to the player. For example, a slot with a theoretical RTP of 96% is set to return $96 out of every $100 bet. Now notice the word ‘theoretical’ before RTP. Just because a slot has a 96% RTP, it is not to say that the slot guarantees you will get back 96% of your bet consistently. This figure is based on the long-term average of all bets and payouts.

Try to think of it like rolling dice. Theoretically, the 6 should appear 16.67% of the time or more simply put 1 in 6 times according to probability. Yet after 20 rolls the 6 still eludes you. However, your session continues and after 600

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