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The Unique Bill Murray Technique for Saying “Yes”

The Power of NO“. Because of my many problems saying no and taking care of myself.But then Bill Murray taught me by example how to say “Yes”.LIE: At first I would lie to people if I said “no”.

Like: “I broke my leg so I can’t go to your wedding.” Yes, I’ve said that.SILENCE: Then I would just not respond to people. I’m going to use the wedding example again.I lost my best friend because I couldn’t say “no” to him when he invited me to his wedding.So I just never responded.

He called, he wrote, he asked, “I don’t understand,” he said. And I just never responded.

I kept feeling more and more guilty. We haven’t spoken since.

I’m sorry.EXPLAIN: Then I’d try to give an explanation. “I can’t go to your wedding because I’m having a hard time

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