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“I’m So Indecisive Now! On ADHD and Analysis Paralysis in the Pandemic”

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indecisive tendencies have gotten worse (or better) during the pandemic, and how they have felt the impact. Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.“During work-from-home lockdown, I had very few decisions to make.

Now that I’m back at work, I find my personal priorities have shifted, and I am re-inventing my daily life. I have to separate what decisions or intentions are driven by the trauma of the pandemic, and which are driven by my actual needs and desires. I am making an effort to simplify my routines and my interests.

So far, so good.” — An ADDitude Reader     “I can see all the small details of an issue but often not the bigger picture. I get so stressed about making the right decision that I can’t think clearly. I’m like a grasshopper, hopping from one blade of grass to another!” — An ADDitude Reader“I typically find myself doing one of the following: I rush and impulsively make a decision because I’m afraid I won’t make one at all, or I ruminate for days on decisions that need to be made.

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