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25 Positive Affirmations That Uplift ADHD Brains

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How do ADDitude readers overcome negative thoughts and rein in their big emotions? Many turn to positive affirmations to reduce feelings of fear, self-doubt, and shame — and to increase self-acceptance.Here are some of the reflections, self-directed pep talks, sayings, and favorite inspiring quotes that readers shared:“I am a good person. I deserve love.

I am calm. I am peace.”“My emotions are valid, and I am allowed to have them.”“This is only temporary. You will not feel this way forever, even though it seems that way. Breathe through it.”[Free Download: Emotional Regulation & Anger Management Scripts]“Feelings aren’t facts.”“I am free to choose the palette of my emotional sky.”“Will I care about this in a year’s time?”“What would my 80-year-old self say to me about this?”“Time for chocolate.”“Now that was an ADHD moment!”“I have enough.

I do enough. I am enough.”“When I feel like I have failed before I’ve started, I say, ‘One percent is better than no percent.'”“I am not my diagnosis.

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