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Feel Like You’re “Flunking” Treatment? You’re Not. (And You’re Also Not Alone.)

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We know that ADHD symptoms respond best to a multimodal treatment plan that includes medication plus helpful interventions ranging from mindfulness meditation to exercise to brain training.

These complementary supports can help curb symptoms and enhance well-being for many individuals with ADHD. All of that is very good news.But if you’ve tried some of these ADHD interventions with limited success and ended up feeling like you “failed” at treatment, rest assured that you did not -— and you’re not alone in feeling this way.In ADDitude’s recent treatment survey, we asked 11,000 readers about their experiences with 10 different kinds of treatments for ADHD, from medication to meditation.

Readers shared what worked and what didn’t, plus stories of how painful the process of finding effective treatment can be, especially for those with rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD), perfectionism, or feelings of shame.“I felt as though I flunked mindfulness because I couldn’t pay attention for that long!” said one ADDitude reader.

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