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“When DIY Projects Meet My ADHD Persistence & Hyperfocus”

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I like to do my own fix-it chores around the house, but I make so many blunders along the way that I often wonder if I should have just hired a professional.Then I get enthused about another DIY job around the house, and I downplay my previous missteps, mistakes, and failed home improvement projects. “This time will be different,” I think optimistically.

But do I believe it?As much as people with ADHD hope something will be different, it rarely is unless we change our habits — and that entails remembering what we need to change and wanting to make the change happen.

Poor working memory and hyperfocus are aspects of my ADHD that makes this difficult.Case in point: Painting my bathroom.Before: I used to finish a paint job with paint on the walls — and my clothes.

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