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5 ADHD Roadblocks That Undermine Academic Achievement — and How to Help

All students intend to do well. For students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), executive function deficits often cause a disconnect between intention and action.

The disconnect shows up in many ways, from difficulty getting started on homework and planning out long-term projects to challenges with staying organized.During the ADDitude webinar, "New Year, New Strategies: Helping Students with ADHD Plan, Persist, and Achieve Their Goals," we asked nearly 1,000 attendees, "When working toward a goal, where does your child need the most support?" Here are the answers they gave:Read on to learn more about the roadblocks that interfere with ADHD students' school-related goals, and strategies for overcoming each hurdle."My child thinks he can handle everything by himself, but he can't. And he doesn't want his parents' help.

Where to start in this battle?""Any tips on getting them interested in changing? Convincing them to ask for help?""Lack of motivation and negativity are big obstacles for my ADHD son.""My 10-year-old 2E (ADHD/Gifted) son shuts down when things get difficult and he won't accept help from me or teachers. How do we move past the shut down and the stress of moving forward or even getting started?""What do you do with a high school student who is burned out on parents trying to help them use a planner?""It's like pulling teeth to get [our child] to tell us what he has on his to-do list.""How do I help an 11-year-old who resists all looking ahead/scheduling/calendars/planning?""We hear very little when we sit down for a family planning session.

We tend to discover later on that my child has missed assignments or has work due very soon.""My son has difficulty even getting started. In his head,

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