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5 Common ADHD Relationship Hot Spots — and Solutions

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The ADHD effect on romantic relationships is substantial. Though often thrilling and fulfilling, ADHD relationships are invariably influenced by the condition's symptoms and traits — from emotional dysregulation to difficulty focusing.

When these issues remain unresolved, they may spark conflict and misunderstandings that weigh down partners and strain relationships.During the ADDitude webinar, "The ADHD Love Languages: How to Communicate Better to Solve Relationship Problems" we asked nearly 1,000 attendees, "Which of the following poses the biggest challenge in your ADHD relationship?" Here are their answers:Read on to learn more about the most common ADHD relationship problems, along with additional resources handpicked by ADDitude editors to help couples navigate relationship challenges."Do you have any suggestions for an ADHD person who can’t get their words out during an argument and feels frustrated not being able to put words to their thoughts/feelings?""I have ADHD.

I close up completely during arguments and disagreements, which means nothing gets resolved and, of course, I never bring the topic up again.""I need some time to calm down before I can apologize sincerely.

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