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“Society Still Doesn’t Recognize Grandfamilies:” Grandparents on Raising Grandkids with ADHD

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Millions of grandparents today are directly involved in raising their grandchildren — a caregiving situation that disproportionately impacts ADHD families.

A 2020 study published in Pediatrics found that children living in grandparent-led households are more likely to have ADHD than are children living in parent-led households.1Here’s what grandparents told ADDitude about what it’s like to care for their grandkids with ADHD, including their biggest challenges, surprises, and insights on the generation gap.“As a grandparent, I don’t fit in with anyone my own age because my peers’ children are all grown up, and parents of our grandkids are young.

I’ve had people say to me, “Where are (my grandkids’) parents? Society still doesn’t recognize grandfamilies and the sacrifices we make.”“Our challenges are trying to stay current with new medication options, social media, and schools that think ADHD is a behavior issue.

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