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How This Dog Person Learned to Embrace Her Inner Cat

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“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” ~Joaquin Phoenix Earlier this year, I went to Egypt with a small group of friends. “Egypt will activate something ancient in you,” I was told by one of them. “You have to go.” Egypt wasn’t exactly on my bucket list, but in the span of one year, three different people had told me I needed to visit the country, so when the opportunity presented itself, I did.

The trip was organized by one of my favorite mystics, who thoughtfully designed it around the individual healing needs of everyone in our small group.

She determined which temples were most meaningful for each one of us to experience; which acupuncture treatments to administer and when; which Egyptian oils to dab on specific pressure points; which non-religious prayers and rituals to incorporate; and which elder would accompany us and bestow her ancient wisdom and shamanic healing practices along the way.

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