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10 Secretive Behaviors That Cheaters Exhibit Without Realizing It

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causes a person to cheat on someone they love, and how do they act after they’ve committed such a sin? Is it a selfish urge to act on and don’t think of the consequences, or does the person have dysfunctional mental issues lurking below the surface?There has been much research done regarding cheaters, and most point to one standard set of characteristics.

Serial cheaters are different than those non-philandering folks. ADVERTISEMENT The good news is that once you understand and readily identify these qualities, you can protect yourself from getting hurt.Here are some of the warning signs of a cheater.Whether they’re about to be caught or they’ve already been figured out, there are some specific behaviors or actions they engage in.This lifestyle is very secretive, and they want to do whatever possible to keep someone from finding out their sins.

Here are the most common behaviors of a cheater.Perhaps, jealousy is the most confusing of the behaviors that the cheater exhibits.

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