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How I Learned To Trust Life and The Journey I Was On

The first step to moving forward is to learn to trust life and figure out which journey you are on.

Now, I know that sounds pretty basic. However, if you are anything like me, you might be surprised at how often you think you are on one path and then—Nope. You find you are actually on another.

Here is an example: earlier this year, I decided to get in shape. I stepped on the scale to find I was heavier than I had ever been. The extra inches around my belly (and everywhere else, to be honest) belied the notion of ‘muscle gain.’

So, I got myself a personal trainer. I figured if I spent the money, I would be motivated. Then, I went to four out of the ten sessions before quitting. The trainer was working me hard and I balked. Does this sound familiar? I bet you can apply this situation to several of the goals you have had.

Here is how I realized the problem was that I didn’t trust life, and wasn’t even able to actually recognize the journey I was on.

Question your journey to move forward confidently

Even though I quit, I still wanted to ‘get into shape.’ I had always prided myself on being strong, lean, and fit. However, I was too tired to work out. My evenings were spent in what felt like a well-deserved rest on the couch, binging on TV shows.

The cat became my evening companion. I drank red wine and ate nuts. Maybe I consumed an apple for dinner. Cooking required more energy than I possessed.

So, what was going on? It slowly dawned on me over the next few months as I attempted over and over to ‘get back in shape’ that I was on another journey.

Be ready for the answers

I am a documentary filmmaker. A year ago, I finished making A Small Good Thing, a film that asks ‘what makes a good life?’ This film follows six people as

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The first step to moving forward is to learn to trust life and figure out which journey you are on.
Why do I procrastinate, especially, when I know better? How come I feel an urge to do something else whenever I start doing something important?  What steps can I take to move forward?

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