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How to Stay in Touch with the Office During Your Leisure Time and Still Enjoy It

There are many debates surrounding the idea of working in our leisure time. Most people believe it’s purely harmful and ruins our mental health. Seriously, if I get a dollar every time I hear or read about how terrible it is to work on your day off, I’d be rich by now.

But a small group timidly suggests that it depends on how we use our free time.  Let’s explore this issue and check how to stay in touch with the office during leisure time without harming your work-life balance.There is one undisputedly true statement – we must find the time and space to take a rest from our work duties. Being constantly plugged in will lead to burnout sooner or later. And it’s not only about the physical and mental exhaustion but also about our relationships and social life.

We need time to recharge our batteries to be more productive when we’re back at work.But this statement isn’t contradictory to working on vacation. In her New York Times essay, Laura Vanderkam argues that “loosening up the vacation vs. work binary opens up possibilities for living in new ways”.

In other words, we should stop considering work and leisure time as two opposite activities. Instead, we should try to find a middle ground and use our free time in a way that benefits both our professional and personal life. All in all, if you enjoy your work, why not stay in touch with it during your vacation?Everything is a matter of your motivation and self-consciousness.

According to Passport Photo Online’s study, 68% of vacationers use their smartphones for work when traveling. Is it immianently wrong? I would risk it to and say “no”. It’s a neutral statement.

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