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The 21 Day Rule That Can Change Your Life

Nothing changes in a day. But a lot can happen in 21 days. Various researchers have different viewpoints on the concept of the formation of habits within 21 days.

Some researchers reveal that it takes about 66 days while some researchers unfold that it takes 30 days to build habits.To form habits, you must work hard sincerely and consistently for 21 days. You may have to struggle for a few days to acquire habits but once you start working hard you will be amazed to find yourself forming good habits. Similarly, if you want to grow out of any bad habit, control yourself for a few days, and you will be astonished to find yourself free from that bad habit.

For instance, you want to hit the gym regularly at 4 AM. For a few days, you would struggle to get up on time to get ready for the gym. Once you start getting up regularly, from around day 22 onwards it becomes a habit and you can make it to the gym regularly and on time.

Apply the 21-day rule to outgrow any bad habit you have. You will surely get positive results. “In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions.It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” – Tony RobbinsTo train your brain, feed inputs that you intend to strive for 21 days to build new habits. Never feed the information that you will have for a lifetime. Here is a list of templates to be customized as per your requirements.To bring out behavioral improvement, break things into small steps to enable your mind and body to avoid resistance.

It boosts your sense of adequacy and helps accomplish your goals and objectives.Start building your good habits slowly and steadily. Do not attempt to build them overnight. When you

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