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'Say Yes to the Dress' Features a Blind Bride Finding Her Dream Gown

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Shaela said yes to the dress! If you are like me and you can’t stop watching TLC’s hit show, “Say Yes to the Dress,” then you know you’ve seen hundreds of different types of brides over the years.

What I saw for the first time while catching up on old episodes a few nights ago, was a blind bride featured. Shaela Warkentin was a bride on the 20th season of “Say Yes to the Dress.” She explained how at 15, she was in an accident with a driver under the influence that ultimately left her disabled and without her vision.

Due to her accident, she lost friends and a lot of people due to the new communication barrier, as she described it. She was hoping things would return back to the way they were prior to the accident, but they didn’t.

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