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3 Wake-Up Calls for Those Times When You’re Overwhelmed (and Not Sure What to Do Next)

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“Do not ruin today with mourning tomorrow.” — Catherynne M. ValenteEver feel a little overwhelmed? Or really overwhelmed?This quick read is for YOU…Once upon a time there was a man who had been lost in the desert for three whole days without water.

Just as he was about to collapse, he saw what appeared to be a lake a few hundred yards in front of him. “Could it be? Or is it just a mirage?” he thought to himself.With the last bit of strength he could muster, he staggered toward the lake and quickly learned that his prayers had been answered: it was no mirage — it was indeed a large spring-fed lake full of more fresh water than he could ever drink in his lifetime.

Yet while he was practically dying of thirst, he couldn’t bring himself to drink the water. He simply stood by the water’s edge and stared down at it.There was a passerby riding on a camel from a nearby desert town who was watching the man’s bizarre behavior.

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