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Q: “Why Is My Child So Indecisive?”

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Q: “Why is my daughter with ADHD so indecisive? She gets overwhelmed with decision fatigue and shuts down. Can you shed some light?

What can I do to help?” — TiredinTennesseeHi TiredinTennessee:Your daughter’s ADHD may be significantly impacting her decision-making skills in several ways.First, ADHD often makes it challenging to filter and organize information effectively.

This can lead to difficulties in weighing options and making decisions. She may experience decision paralysis if she struggles to prioritize or sequence tasks or choices or because of the sheer volume of information and possibilities.The executive function challenges inherent in ADHD, such as difficulties in planning, organizing, and managing time, also play a significant role in decision-making overwhelm, as many individuals find it tough to break down complex decisions into smaller, more manageable steps.

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