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A friendly kickabout boosts my physical and mental health

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Five years ago, I was experiencing higher anxiety and depression as a result of suffering from a psychotic episode and being sectioned.I was finding it really difficult to get my life back together, I had put on a lot of weight from taking heavy medication, my confidence and self-esteem were also at an all-time low.Then during one of my weekly sessions with my care coordinator, I was telling her that I used to enjoy playing football and I was a Watford FC supporter.

She then suggested that I try out a nearby football group that had been recently launched and was being run by a charity (Watford FC’s Community, Sport & Education Trust).It’s called ‘Man On’ and it exists for men over 18 who suffer with their mental health.

The usual format of the sessions includes a friendly kickabout, as well as a chance to get peer support from not only the coaches, but the participants too.

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