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More Companies Are Adopting Sensory-Friendly Practices—Here’s How Your Business Can Follow Suit

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have sensory processing challenges. So, for business owners, a notable portion of their population—from customers to employees—might not be experiencing their bustling office or store environment in the most beneficial or lucrative way.Walmart has created sensory-friendly hours from 8 a.m.

to 10 a.m. to be more inclusive of all shoppers and employees. In contrast to that bustling shopping mall, Walmart’s sensory-friendly hours are —televisions are turned to static images, the radio is off, and lights are lowered.According to , this is the biggest shopping program of its kind to date.

Other companies have also prioritized more helpful environments, such as AMC Theatres, which hosts of films.Others are looking to ease the stressors of the hiring process in particular, which can be difficult for neurodivergent applicants.

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