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4 Ways to Actually Practice Letting Go in Life (When You’re Holding On Too Tight)

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On the average day happiness is letting go of what you assume life is supposed to be like, and sincerely appreciating it for everything it is.Over the past decade, as Angel and I have gradually worked with hundreds of our course students, coaching clients, and live event attendees, we’ve come to understand that the root cause of most human stress is simply our stubborn propensity to hold on to things.

In a nutshell, we hold on tight to the hope that things will go exactly as we imagine, and then we complicate our lives to no end when they don’t.For example, there are a number of times when our minds cling to unhelpful ideals…In all of these common examples the mind holds on tight to something—an ideal—that isn’t real.

And after awhile the inevitable happens—lots of unnecessary stress, anxiety, unhappiness, self-righteousness, self-hate, and depressive emotions ensue.So how can we stop holding on so tight?By realizing that there’s almost nothing to hold on to in the first place.Most of the things we desperately try to hold on to, as if they’re real, certain, solid, everlasting fixtures in our lives, aren’t really there. Or if they are there in some form, they’re changing, fluid, impermanent, or at least partially imagined in our minds.

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