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Maximalism Interior Design Could Be the Ticket to Joy and Agency in Unstable Times

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more elements of passion and positivity into our living space. While the principles of maximalism can be traced back centuries, it appears to be making a comeback.

People feel uneasy about the economy, politics, climate change, war and all-around perceived impending doom. As it turns out, maximalism can be the antidote to this unsettling time in history. “I believe maximalism is rooted in the idea of surrounding yourself with the things you love,” explains Rudy Saunders, design director at Dorothy Draper & Company. “To be around mementos from trips, furniture or accessories that are family heirlooms or really any piece that brings you joy or tells a story is a comforting feeling.” Maximalist spaces are artfully decorated using bold colors, bright wallpaper, ornate accents like chandeliers, layered fabrics and statement pieces.

Think mixed patterns with contrasting motifs like animal print, geometric shapes or florals. Unlike , the decor doesn’t have to be refined, seamless and fully coordinated.

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