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Unlearning Silence in the Workplace: How to Speak Up at Work

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, an expert in negotiation, influence and conflict management skills, explores in her upcoming book, . She pushes readers to explore how we’ve learned to be silent, how we’ve benefited from silence, how we’ve silenced other people—and how we might choose another way.“Only by unlearning silence can we more fully unleash talent, speak our minds and be more complete versions of ourselves… and help other people do the same,” she writes in her book.She asks people to examine the costs of staying silent: “We unlearn being silent by recognizing and wrestling with the silence we’ve learned.

What assumptions do we hold about where and when we’re allowed to speak up? What have we experienced as the costs of speaking up in the past?

How are those costs the same or different in our current life or work situation?”A found that 17.5% of employees surveyed don’t speak up at all at work when it comes to difficult topics.

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