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Advice From an Inspiring Woman on a Weight Loss Journey

incorporating positive habits into our lives, big things can happen! Over time, these helpful habits become second nature, and they form the foundation for a better life.Plus, working out can help you both physically and mentally. Exercise is one of the world’s greatest stress-relievers and can put you in a better mood instantly.

You could have the world sitting on your shoulders, and in one workout, feel that weight disappear. If you don’t have access to a gym, simply walking or running outdoors will help you break a sweat.“I began exercising as a college graduate because I was depressed, I had student loans, I was overweight, I was really unhappy, and fitness was my therapy,” Dawn said.

“I was going outside and walking places. Instead of driving, I would walk, and that was my start and introduction to fitness.”“The more I exercised, the more my endorphins flowed and the happier I was.

I actually like doing anything outside, but my SWEAT workouts that I teach involve muscle building, strength training, and cardio all in one, so it’s a win-win.”“SWEAT is a feeling that cannot be described. It is an energy that is present in every class.

Estelle created this class in March 2013 in a parking lot located in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. She quickly drew the attention of neighbors + peers in the Manchester area.  A post shared by

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