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Why the ADHD Brain Chooses the Less Important Task — and How CBT Improves Prioritization Skills

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A combination of “procrastinate” and “activity,” the term “procrastivity” aptly describes a tussle common among adults with ADHD who are always busy but never seem to make headway on life’s important goals.

At its root is an implementation problem: the individual knows what they need to do, but they won’t or can’t do it, so they keep occupied with more palatable but less critical tasks.Filing taxes, for example, is a high-priority, strict-deadline task that an adult with ADHD might put off for re-seeding the lawn.

While a worthwhile activity if the grass is indeed bare, this gardening is not critical, especially when April 15 looms. If tending to the lawn is the priority task, on the other hand, some adults with ADHD might find opting to watch or read the news in a bid to stay informed.

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