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Cesar Chavez Quotes that Will Motivate You into Action

Get ready to be motivated into making a difference with these Cesar Chavez quotes.

If you know the name Martin Luther King Jr., you should also know the name Cesar Chavez. However, many people don’t. While he wasn’t known for being the great speaker that Dr. King was known for, he had a soft-spoken and peaceful approach to civil rights in another area that led to important changes.

Born into a Mexican American family, Cesar Chavez spent the early part of his working career as a manual laborer. This led him to see the injustice that was taking place with most farm workers, many of who were of Latino descent.

The actions that he took helped to better the workforce and treatment of many and he became known as the most famous Latino American civil rights activist. His action, passion, and insight will inspire you to take action of your own.

Cesar Chavez Quotes on Working with others

1. “You are never strong enough where you don’t need help.” – Cesar Chavez

2. “The end of all knowledge should be service to others.” – Cesar Chavez

3. “Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves, and be free.” – Cesar Chavez

4. “You must become a servant of the people. When you do, you can demand their commitment in return.” – Cesar Chavez

5. “The people united will never be defeated.” – Cesar Chavez

6. “Together, all things are possible.” – Cesar Chavez

7. “To be a man is to suffer for others.” – Cesar Chavez

8. “When you have people together who believe in something – things happen.” – Cesar Chavez

9. “What is at stake is human dignity. If a man is not accorded respect he cannot respect himself and if he does not respect himself, he cannot demand it.” – C

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