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Demi Lovato Says She Might Have Been Misdiagnosed With Bipolar in New Documentary

I was certain that I had bipolar disorder. I was in college, 19 years old, only one year older than Demi Lovato when she was diagnosed with the same disorder.

I was so certain, and that certainty colored the way I reported my symptoms and I was formally diagnosed shortly after I started therapy.

It all made sense and I thought that this was the beginning of me getting better. But it wasn’t. I lived with the diagnosis of bipolar, integrating it into my personality, making it a huge part of who I felt I was, only to switch therapists five years later and finally see my bipolar disorder for what it was– a misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of For a long time after I realized my bipolar disorder was a misdiagnosis, I felt

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