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34 Angela Merkel Quotes on Leadership, Culture, and Climate Change

Angela Dorothea Merkel is a remarkable woman. Born in Hamburg in July, 1954, she is Germany’s first female Chancellor, and the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) political party.

Although she faces numerous challenges in her leadership (among them, the migrant crisis), she continues to advocate for cooperation and sustainable solutions for the European Union (EU). In 2015, she was named ‘Person of the Year’ by TIME magazine.

Who knew that a little girl who grew up in a ‘walled fortress’ would one day, become the most powerful woman in the world? Like German fairytales, hers is laced with plenty of obstacles, fateful encounters, and lessons learned.

A woman, a world leader, and an advocate for climate change resolutions, she

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Angela Dorothea Merkel

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