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To My 15-Year-Old Self Just Diagnosed With Bipolar

It would be great to escape into someone else’s brain. Shrink, “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” style, and burrow through their ear to hike among their gushy brain matter. Eventually, I’d find the Cineplex in their brain, grab some caramel popcorn and watch their life story unfold. Not the story of what actually happened, but the story they tell themselves about what happened.

The particular film, of a 30-year-old man I know, has two scenes. One of him and his bride covering each other’s noses in buttercream icing and the second, 10 years later when a couple signatures made him feel like a failure. But the movie, and marriage, was so much more than that. It was two people who rooted themselves in a messy, distressing and beautiful life. Those 10

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