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15 Things That Perfectly Explain Why Introverts Crave Solitude

Business Insider, Adam Grant is a psychologist who studies introverts and extroverts at length. In his research, he found that the introvert makes a much better leader than the extroverted personality. ADVERTISEMENT The introverted person knows how to balance being social and alone.

They don’t panic under stress and won’t give up easily because they’re frustrated. Yes, the shy kid in your high school who seemed like the classic nerdy guy may be the billionaire running a major company today.Have you ever wondered why the introverted person needs solitude so much? This alone time is just as important to this person as getting 6-8 hours of rest each night. During these times, many good things happen.

Here are a few reasons why they crave and need these times of solitude.If you need answers to your problems or want to ponder some things in your life, you’ll likely find your answers during solo times. When you’re alone, you have a contemplated atmosphere that allows you to clear everything from your mind. ADVERTISEMENT Today’s world is so fast-paced that people don’t even have time to think before they act, and they often make the wrong choice.

Introverts like the thoughtful atmosphere as they’re very particular about each move they make.During these times of silence, you learn to understand your emotions and your thought processes. Self-awareness is crucial as it’s the springboard for self-improvement. These times spent in solitude help introverted people learn to be comfortable in their skin and accept themselves for who and what they are.You often find that you will enhance your gratitude and appreciation for your family and friends when you’re away from them.

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