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How to Build Connections and Create Boundless Opportunities

Even if you meet someone 30 times for coffee, it’ll never equate to the connection that forms when you’re trying to change a flat tire together on a remote island without cell service. (Yes, that happened to me.) That’s why I’ve made it a personal mission to create memorable group trips that provide space to share experiences and grow relationships (ideally with no flat tires).I started hosting curated trips in college for my business society.

As I entered the workforce, I began theming trips around learning new skills, bonding over specific topics, or going on unforgettable experiences. My goal is to handpick professional contacts for trips that accelerate bonding and promote collaboration.If you’re thinking you’d love to go on a trip but don’t have the time, I challenge you to reframe your thought process.

These trips aren’t just vacations — they’re opportunities to learn something new, build deeper relationships, reflect, recharge, and invest in your future success. Group trips are a way to access people for longer periods than you otherwise would and bond over topics outside of work.

Plus, you can outsource a lot of the planning, which is a huge benefit as a busy professional.For years, I attended Jeff Bezos’ annual, invite-only MARS retreat. At this event, top leaders in machine learning, automation, robotics, and space gather to listen to thought-provoking lectures about the future of technology, bond over meals, and engage in activities such as hiking and martial arts.

In just a few days, people with similar professional interests meet and form long-lasting connections.These retreats are some of the most productive “workcations” I’ve attended. They gave me time to self-reflect on my own work, learn from thought

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