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5 Steps to Leveraging Industry Speaker Events for Career Advancement

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Jumping into industry events is a smart move for your career, but there’s a knack to it. It’s not just about sitting in a room full of people.

You’ve got to find the ones that fit your career puzzle, dive in while you’re there, and then make the most of what you’ve learned afterward.Think of these events as your backstage pass to meet the movers and shakers in your field.But to really benefit, you need to be choosy about which events you attend, engage with the content and the people there, and then apply and share your new knowledge.Here are 5 steps you can do to make sure you’re maximizing speaker events for your career growth.Picking the right speaker events can feel like a bit of a treasure hunt.

You’re after those golden opportunities that fit exactly where you want your career to go. Here’s a no-nonsense game plan to sort the gems from the just-okays:Stick to this plan, and you’ll pick out events that are not just a good time but good for your career too.Before you step into the venue, having a game plan can turn a good opportunity into a great one.

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