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How Ice Cream Gave Hap Cameron Purpose & Inspired Him to Open Happy Cones

, about my travels, and making a documentary, [about helping implement a self-sustainable bike workshop in rural Namibia], and all I had were memories. I was worried about the future. Getting out of bed was hard.

The whole focus of my life for nine years was traveling the world. When I turned 30, I felt my guiding light was going out.”Nothing at the time would point to the fact that the biggest adventure of his life would soon give way to another, even bigger one. There was no possible way to know that he would transform from an aimless wanderer to , starting a tiny empire in Colorado that would ripple across the country—and the world—inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow suit.

How could he have known he’d have a new life in America with the woman of his dreams and two beautiful daughters when all he knew in this moment was the thick, sticky caramel sauce drizzled atop deflated dreams?Cameron’s feelings were understandable, after all. In Africa, he ended a love affair that spanned more than half his time abroad. Mandy, his then-girlfriend, knew what she wanted from life, and he, unfortunately, did not.

“I thought if I broke up with her and set her free, I would feel better and the dark clouds following me would be let loose,” he says.Cameron soon realized the time apart didn’t solve anything, and his ache for Mandy only grew with each passing day. But their love story was far from ideal: two people on opposite sides of the world, neither possessing much money.A few things were swirling around inside Cameron’s mind. One was the steadfast travel motto that sustained him during some of the scarier moments he endured in his treks abroad, such as the musician he met on the street in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who offered him

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