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The Biggest Diet Culture Myths, According to a Dietician

In sixth grade, I begged my mom to fill our cabinets with an endless supply of spearmint tea because I read somewhere that it “aided in weight loss.” As a teen, I put my stomach (and bowels) through the wringer taking a spoonful of apple cider vinegar every single morning before school.

As a young adult, I forced myself to love thin crust pizza over the usual Domino’s because it had fewer carbs. I feel like a failure if I’m not making moves every single day to achieve the utmost goal of thinness.

Those, my friends, are just a few diet myths I’ve had to debunk over the years.“Diet culture has many facets and nuances, but to put it generally, it’s a belief system that values body shape, weight, and size over actual health and wellbeing,” said.

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