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Remember This: Your Boss Isn’t God

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss…. The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert.

The leader leads and the boss drives.”  famously said by Theodore Roosevelt.The caption of this article probably puts you in a fix whether you have to massage your boss’s ego. Before we conclude, there are various aspects to know such as the difference between a boss and a leader, and the four models of organizational behavior (OB).  There are four models of organizational behavior namely autocratic, custodial, supportive, and collegial.  The autocratic model prevailed initially where employees were under the mercy of employers.  In this model, the employees worked as a labor and obeyed whatever the bosses ordered.  Subsequently surfaced another model named custodial where the employees cannot be fired as they are provided with job security and other financial and non-financial benefits.  It is further followed by another model named supportive where employees are supported by employers and bosses above them.  It is fairly better than the previous models of autocratic and custodial.

Currently, we have a collegial model where there is not much gap between the superiors and subordinates as all are treated with requests equally. Generation Y appreciates this collegial model, and it is mostly followed by American management and top global companies in the world.  In this model, there will not be any bosses but only leaders.

However, we still find bosses in the guise of leaders. There is a difference between bosses and leaders as bosses are mostly arrogant and egotistical and they often come with a workaholic attitude. Russell H.

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