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Hug Quotes for Everyone Who Needs a Hug

These hug quotes show just how much you can communicate through hugging. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and while it’s not a popular saying like that, a hug can communicate more than words can as well.

Hugs are both a way to celebrate and a way to provide comfort without saying a single word. 

Why are hugs so powerful?

Hugs are good for family members, your significant other, children and yourself. It can be a powerful way to communicate a feeling with someone else.

Sometimes there just aren’t words that can get across the message that you want to share and yet a simple hug can handle it all. 

Enjoy this curated list of the best hug quotes and sayings. And don’t forget to share your opinion in the comment section below once you’re done reading.

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Quotes about the power of a hug

1. “A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.” – Bil Keane

2. “Feel the presence of love wrapped up within a hug.”  – Robert M. Hensel

3. “Hugs are the universal medicine.” – Unknown

4. “A hug makes you feel good all day.” – Kathleen Keating

5. “Where I live if someone gives you a hug, it’s from the heart.” – Steve Irwin

6. “There’s something in a simple hug that always warms the heart. It welcomes us back home and makes it easier to part.” – Johnny Ray Ryder, Jr.

7. “I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.” – Ann Hood

8. “With age, you get to a place where you don’t want to knock people out. You just want to give people a hug.” – Vin Diesel

9. “Everybody needs a hug. It changes your metabolism.” – Leo Buscaglia

10. “A hug a day keeps the demons at

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