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Q: How Can We Get Our Child to Stop Lying?

Q: “My daughter (11) has a pattern of not telling the truth. She will be quite convincing — even with this Momma, who has a well-honed lie meter.

We are now encouraging her to tell the truth, without punishment, and then rewarding her truthfulness. She continues to impulsively do something and then cover her tracks with lies.

I am afraid this impulsive behavior will not abate as she gets older. Telling the truth is a strong value in our family and I am not sure what else we can do.

Thank you! – NewYorkMommaHi NewYorkMomma:I wish I could tell you when the lies will end. Since I don’t know all the circumstances — What, specifically, does your daughter lie about? How often does it happen? Are the lies about everyday occurrences such as doing

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