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How to Have a Pity Party: The 10-Step Guide

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Telltale signs you need to read this blog:If you answered “yes” to any of the above, read on. You may be in the middle of a party.

One that is about as much fun as a bachelorette party, sober.Pity Party (noun): a one-person party, usually with a very-you-like-theme (ala sad, dark, angry, etc.) where you wear your hair in an updo (a scrunchie), dress down, and go nowhere.Have you ever noticed when you’re down in the dumps, devastated, overwhelmed, worried, woeful, anxious, annoyed, nervous, needled, irked, pissed, misunderstood, and/or unappreciated, you somehow manage to win the right to shop more than you should, not go to the gym, and not be nice to your spouse and/or spawn–all in your mood’s honor?If only our inner dialogue was as.

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