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Here’s What Astrologists Say To Add to Your Wellness Routine RN, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Most of us set our resolutions and wellness routines based on what we think is good for us, but our astrological signs can tell us a lot about what is actually good for us. Most of us know the basics of our signs, and maybe reading about your sign even helps explain why you are the way you are.

I’ve looked to my zodiac to check compatibility with friends or potential romantic partners and to explain personality traits (like how I think everything is a sign from the universe—a true Pisces through and through!). So why not use astrology to see what wellness routines we would should try to be healthier and happier? I grilled two astrologists to see what the stars have in store for our wellness routines in 2022.   “Aries go hard and fast, and they rarely slow down to catch their breath,” explained Natasha Weber, Australia’s leading media astrologer.

Because of their fast-paced nature, meditation is probably the last way an Aries wants to spend their free time, but they would benefit from the much-needed relaxation and focus. Aries should aim to find a balance of stillness along with their desire for action and adventure.

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or before bed at night, take some much-needed time for deep breathing to balance out your high energy. Natalie Holbrook, an intuitive astrologer and spiritual coach, explained that an Aries has “a lot of natural fire that needs to be shaken.” In other words, Aries often have pent-up energy that needs to be released. Make sure you’re breaking a sweat at least a few days a week and incorporating daily movement to release energy.

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