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7 Best Work From Home Chairs For Your Spine 2022 - Lifehack

working from home doesn’t need to be painful or take a toll on your spine.When you’re spending every day sitting in the same seat, you want to invest in an ergonomic work chair to make sure you’re treating your back and all your organs as kindly as possible. This is why we’ve collated our top seven best work from home chairs.It’s worth investing now in a supportive work from home office chair to save your back in later years. While ergonomic computer chairs tend to be a little pricier, your daily use combats the initial expense.

Choose one of the best work from home chairs below, and you’ll be ready to transform your home office.The SAMOFU ergonomic computer chair is the best overall work from home office chair. It’s large and holds up to 300lbs and therefore best suited for people 5’3″ to 6’3″ in height. The swivel work from home office chair also features an adjustable headrest and a footrest.

It’s built to reduce pressure on your back and hips, with lumbar support, allowing for ultimate comfort while at your desk.The wheels are silent and move in a way that doesn’t damage your floors, which is ideal for teleworking. What really makes this the best work from home chair is the 5-year warranty. It offers a great deal of support and flexibility, as well as high-quality customer service.

This work from home office chair was created with your long 10+ hour days in mind.Pros: Cons: Check the price here. Gaiam’s classic balance ball chair is one of the most innovative work from home office chairs. It offers an alternative solution to the traditional work from home chair – it aims to boost productivity, energy, and focus, all while being suitable for nearly everyone as it holds up to 300lbs.This ergonomic work chair offers

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