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How A Single Sentence Changed The Way I Looked At Exercising

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want to start my day with a workout. No one else but me is affected by my workout. No one else benefits from it. No one else hurts from it.

I am truly the only one affected by my attendance to a workout class. Exercise became a way for me to start my day on my own terms, during a time when I was devoting over 12 hours a day to a job that left me with little to no control on how I spent my time.Quite frankly, working out was the only way I held it together through this grueling employment.

In those sweaty classes that I used to judge and make fun of, I would find solace. I chose to go to those workouts, and no matter how annoying they were (“I can’t give you five more, Trey!”), it kept my day about me.Once weight loss stopped being my main.

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