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Menopause, Hormones & ADHD: What We Know, What Research is Needed

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who have ADHD? The science, unfortunately, is simply not there. Despite increased and hugely warranted interest, there are no studies that specifically examine menopause in females with ADHD.

And that is a serious medical problem.But what we do know – about menopause in general, the role of estrogen, and the effects of hormonal fluctuations on ‘ADHD-like’ symptoms – may help us understand the menopausal transition for women with ADHD, and how clinicians can approach treatment and care for this group.MENOPAUSE & ADHD SURVEYPlease click to complete an ADDitude survey on the impact of menopause on ADHD symptoms among women to help our editors better understand your experience and develop helpful resources.

Thank you!To understand menopause and its symptoms, you must first understand estrogen and how its fluctuations impact women in general.Estrogen is the hormone responsible for the sexual and reproductive development of girls and women.

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