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How To Approach Exercise in 2024

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A survey has been conducted by Forbes to calculate how long New Year’s resolutions last among people….53% of people gave up within 3 months, and only 1% made it to the full 12 months.It’s safe to say there is a problem in how we approach goal-setting, and since “improve fitness” was the most common resolution, we have to change how we approach exercising in 2024 to stick to our objectives.But how could one do that?As we all know, starting a habit is easy, it’s keeping it up that gets tricky. This is because most people (myself included) tend to establish a habit to remove an unpleasant feeling.“I want to lose weight” translates to an individual wanting to remove that unpleasant feeling of being overweight, and therefore wants to take action.This is a good way to approach exercise, but there are many downfalls to this method: What if you lose weight, would you stop exercising then?

Or “I lost weight for 2 weeks in a row, I’ll take this week off”.A better way to rewire your brain to stick to exercising is a concept introduced by James Clear in his book Atomic Habits.

He stated that changing how you think about the habit and making it part of your identity increases the chances that it sticks around.For example: “I want to lose weight” could become “I’m a fit person” or “I’m an active person”.

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