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5 Realistic Habits That Have Made Our Editor Feel Like Her Best Self

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mental and emotional health. And of course, I still have bad days and days when I don’t practice these habits, but being able to loosely stick to these things without putting too much pressure on myself has been the key to living a life that I am proud of. Keep reading for the five realistic habits that have made me feel like my best self: Over the past few years, I’ve discovered a new love for cooking and preparing myself meals that are both fun to make and nourishing to my body.

I find the process of cooking a meal that’s a little more in-depth to be extremely meditative, and I love experimenting and trying out new things in the kitchen.I’ve also learned to invest in nutrient-dense foods because prioritizing my health and general well-being is a genuine expression of self-love.

I always make sure that my kitchen is well-stocked with produce, and for years, the #1 staple in my kitchen has been fresh avocados.

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