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“The Best Neurodivergent Parenting Tips I’ve Ever Received Are…”

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ADDitude readers do agree on a few guiding principles of neurodivergent parenting: Take many deep breaths, learn to deflect criticism, focus on the positives, and give yourself permission to be human.Read more reader responses below to our question: “The best advice I’ve ever received about parenting a child with ADHD is … ” Have parenting tips of your own to share, or unforgettable advice you’ve received?

Share your answers in the Comments section below.“Never respond to anger with anger (or frustration with frustration).

Sometimes love, patience, and acceptance are needed to soothe the other.” — Dena, California“Understand how the ADHD brain is wired. Behavior is not intentional.” — Jen, North Carolina“‘You’re allowed to be human.’ My friend once told me this, and it has become my mantra for fighting off perfectionism, negativity, and shame.”  — Toni, Minnessota[Get This Free Download: 50 Rules for Raising a Child with ADHD]“Don’t worry about chronological age, especially with boys.

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