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My Fibromyalgia Has Made Me as Suicidal as My Depression

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It’s always the same responses: “But you never seem like you’re in pain” or “you always seem so happy” are the two most common ones when I tell people I have fibromyalgia or that I have depression.

I understand, I really do — because I put on a great act of “normalcy.” Thing is, I’m not “normal.” I’ve run through countless combinations of medications for refractory (“treatment resistant”) depression, and the number of medications for fibromyalgia is fairly limited so it didn’t take long to have tried them all (in various combinations, with little relief).

After 15 years, I can’t honestly tell you which one has made me suicidal more often at this point. Depression and suicide are very commonly linked, even though the reason someone ends their life is not always because they struggled with depression.

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