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When a Boy Made Fun of Me Because of My Sensory Processing Disorder

My sensory processing disorder is different than some others. It mostly manifests in eating, sound, and touch. I cannot handle anyone touching me around my shoulders or hips; it hurts too badly. Sounds are difficult to tolerate. My least favorite sounds are screaming, cursing, the fire alarm, thunder, fireworks, and balloons (to name a few). I am a picky eater, but shrimp, eggs, and marshmallows are foods I cannot stand the texture of, and most meats except for chicken and turkey.

The problem with sensory processing disorder is that it can make it hard to tolerate the world. Our world today revolves around sound. Thunder, talking, car engines, etc. are all part of our world today. Food is an important part of both family life and the world, too. My parents are endlessly patient, but because the textures of some foods are hard for me, it is hard for them to parent a picky eater (and understandably so).

In my experience, a lot of people think that sensory processing disorder is made up, but it is so very, very real. They say, “Oh, you’re being too sensitive” or “it’s just anxiety.” I am diagnosed with anxiety and am an HSP — highly sensitive person — but my struggles with sound, touch, and texture are because of SPD. Because touch bothers me so much, I got misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 9 years old. A lot of people aren’t aware of sensory processing disorder.

This problem presents itself at school, too. Never mind the fact that at theatre rehearsal, when the intercom came on over my head, I clutched my ears and rocked back and forth until the announcement stopped. Never mind that I can’t focus during a fire drill because I have to hold my ears closed.

It all came to a head one day in choir. (I love music when it

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