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The 8 Most Common Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

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Effort-Less Wealth. What makes this path so special is that it is available to almost everyone. It requires no special set of skills or particular education.

It doesn’t demand significant risk, long working hours or isolation from friends and family.There are just a few basic things you will need: 1) at least a middle-class income—it’s hard to save when you have to scrape by to cover the bills; 2) Discipline; 3) Consistency; and 4) Time—the typical Saver-Investor in my Rich Habits study was at it for 32 years, but accumulated north of $3.2 million.Those are the traits of a Saver-Investor millionaire.

But they’re just the starting point. To leverage those traits, you’ll need to cultivate the eight common habits I observed the most during my.

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